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Ask a diver and they’ll tell you nothing compares to the feeling they get when they go diving. From the moment they get suited up until they return to the surface, every moment of a dive is a thrill ride. So, what is it about diving that divers enjoy so much? The same reasons why you should be diving.


1. Explore the Unexplored

Over 71% of the Earth’s surface is made up of water so chances are you will experience something totally unique during your dive, wherever you dive. From
shipwrecks to marine life to sheer walls or underwater valleys, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits underwater.

2. Travel to Exotic Destinations

 Diving will take you to some pretty spectacular locations all over the world. From exotic destinations like the Palau, Truk lagoon, Vanuatu, Bali or the Great
Barrier Reef. There is no shortage of amazing things to see and do both underwater and on land.

3. Escape Your Every Day

Everyone is connected to their phones 24/7. Its time to disconnect and leave the hustle and bustle behind. Underwater you can drift along without emails, traffic, or worries.

4. Experience Weightlessness

Weightlessness is a totally unique feeling where you're neither sinking nor floating, and those who have had the pleasure to soar like an eagle will tell you its something you will never forget.

5. Improve your life skills

Scuba diving will introduce you to some great life skills including co-ordination,
communication without being able to talk, team building and confidence. you will be respected and admired by your friends and become a more interesting person to be around.

6. Make New Friends

Diving is an extremely social activity. You will meet new friends and develop relationships that can last a lifetime.

5. Discover the Marine Life

Some of the oldest living creatures on Earth can be found underwater and trust us— they’re not as scary as you think! From exotic animals to a blaze of colorful corals or sponges, every minute you spend underwater feels like a whole new world.


1. Meet the Physical Prerequisites

Most people who have a basic level of physical fitness and are comfortable in the water can scuba dive. However, it is important to properly assess your physical abilities before jumping in. You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire form before taking any SSI courses.

2. Complete the Academics Online for the Open Water Diver Course

When you book in for your Open Water Course with Dive Newcastle, we will create an SSI account for you to complete the academic section of the course online, in your own time. This will teach you all the basics to scuba diving such as learning about the marine life you will expect to see planning dives, equipment you will use and how the underwater environment will affect you while you scuba dive. you scuba dive.

3. Learn and Practice your Diving Skills in Confined Water Training

Confined water is essentially a pool or pool like conditions where you can be trained at your own pace in controlled and comfortable conditions. In the pool sessions, you will learn valuable “scuba skills” from your instructor which will allow you to become comfortable and safe in the water.

4. Apply Your New Skills with Exciting Open Water Training

In the open water environment, divers get to show off their skills, while getting real dive experience. Divers will also utilize their skills in  dive planning, and record their dives in their dive logs. You will do a minimum of four scuba dives.

5. Upon Completion You Will Become an SSI Internationally Certified Diver

As a certified diver you can now rent equipment  get air fills and go on organized dives or travel the planet. Your SSI certification Card is your ticket to a world of adventure. your ticket to a world of adventure. The Open Water Course however is just the beginning. SSI has numerous courses that can take you all the way to instructor as well as many special interest courses.



Becoming a dive professional can be your ticket to earning an income while traveling the world and doing something you love You will always remember that first breath underwater. breath underwater. Becoming an SSI Dive Professional allows you to share that experience with others.

Open Water Diver:
After successful completion of your Open Water, you will become an internationally certified diver qualified to dive to 18m. You will be able to hire scuba equipment, obtain air fills, and participate in organized dives including boat dives, shore dives, local Dive Travel or International Dive Travel. This certification is recognized worldwide.

Advanced Courses:
The Advanced Adventurer course is an exciting, fun program designed to increase your skills and understanding of the important core areas of diving. This course is largely practical so you have more time to enjoy your journey and practice the skills your instructor will tech you. The course will take you on 5 different t dives, so you expand on the knowledge and skills learnt during your Open Water course.

Diver Stress and Rescue:
The best rescue is one you will never have to make. We focus on making you a better diver, improving your buoyancy and proper risk assessment skills. First you learn to look after yourself then be better able to help others in an emergency. Rescue Diver is also a critical steppingstone to becoming an SSI professional.

Diver Stress and Rescue:
The best rescue is one you will never have to make. We focus on making you a better diver, improving your buoyancy and proper risk assessment skills. First you learn to look after yourself then be better able to help others in an emergency. Rescue Diver is also a critical steppingstone to becoming an SSI professional.

Open Water Instructor:
This program provides you the concepts and knowledge of what it takes to becoming an SSI Instructor. It teaches you about SSI Teaching philosophy and how to apply this to teaching SSI programs.


Open Water Diver

 Learning To Scuba Dive is a life changing experience and allows you to see places that few people have had the opportunity to explore. Over seventy percent of the world is underwater and becoming a qualified diver is your license to jump in and enjoy! Your training starts online where you will learn all the important information about scuba diving from the equipment you will use, the diving environment, the effects of depth, and the skills you will learn once you get in the water.

you will learn once you get in the water. Personalized training is combined with in water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. You will work towards earning he SSI Open Water Diver certification. This globally recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long diving adventure. Becoming an Open Water Diver qualifies you to Dive up to 18meteres and is a worldwide recognized qualification.


Current price is just $395 (normally $450) for our three-day course. We supply everything except mask, snorkel fins and booties which you can purchase from instore prior to starting your course.


• Comfortably swim or snorkel
• Minimum of 10 years old
(adult consent needed if under
the age of 18 years)
• Complete a dive medical
(health examination)


Advanced Courses

with similar sounding names. The Advanced adventurer is a five dive course designed to “jump start” you into a range of speciality dives. It’s our most popular choice straight after the Open Water course. The second option is the Advanced Open Water Dive rating. The Advanced Open Water rating is achieved by completing 4 Specialty courses plus 12 logged dives. SSI standards provision for flexibility of choices in both the advanced Adventurer and Advanced Scuba Diver.

Advanced Adventurer

This is the course we suggest you take soon after your open water course.We have specifically tailored this course, within SSI standards so that you learn many skills that will make you a better diver and enable you to dive more safely on popular local dives.

Dive Newcastle has chosen dives for the Advanced Adventurer course which are suited to the local dive environment and dovetail into the specialties we have chosen for the Advanced Scuba Diver pathway. While you can choose any 4 Specialties to become an Advanced Scuba Diver in order to become an Instructor you must complete, amongst other pre requisites, Nitrox, Navigation, Night and Deep specialties. For that reason we have incorporated these specialties in our recommended Advanced Scuba pathway.


• Open Water Diver Course
• Minimum age of 10

Course includes

• Online academic training
• 5 open water dives
• Maximum depth of 30m

Advanced Open Water

You can choose to “dive right in” and complete any 4 Specialty courses and 24 dives and receive recognition as an Advanced Open Water Diver. Our most popular and recommended pathway is to complete the Advanced Adventurer then complete the following Specialties:

• Night & Limited Visibility
• Deep Diving
• Enriched Air Nitrox
• Navigation

The Night Deep and Navigation dives from the Advanced Adventurer will all count towards the respective specialties. These 4 specialties are also pre requisites for Open Water Instructor.

 Specialty courses include

Diver stress and rescues

Stress is a major cause of diving accidents and negatively impacts rescue situations. This program teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers. You will learn the signs of a person in distress or likely to become stressed and how to manage emergencies underwater, on the surface and follow up procedures on the boat or land. This is an essential course to be able to care for others and a pre-requisite for all professional level training.


Once you complete your Diver Stress and Rescue course plus 4 other Speciality courses and 50 logged dives you will receive the prestigious Master Diver rating.


• Minimum age of 12
• Open Water Diver course
• Proof of current training within two (2) years
of First Aid and CPR

Corse includes

• Online academic training
• 3 open water dives
• Pool/confined water sessions
• Maximum depth of 30m

Dive Master

The SSI Divemaster program is a recognition levelprogram combining the SSI Dive Guide and SSI Science of Diving. Once you have completed all the specialities offered in our advanced course. Dive Guide program and the SSI Science of Diving program plus 50 total dives you can commence your instructor course.

Dive Guide

This program gives you the skills and experience required to safely leaf groups of certified divers. Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Training Centers, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions. You will earn the SSI Dive Guide certification after completing this program.

Science of Diving

This program provides an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment. It is required training for most SSI Dive Professional programs, as well as some Extended Range programs. You will earn the SSI Science of diving specialty certification after completing this program.

Open Water Instructor

This program provides you the concepts and knowledge of what it takes to becoming an SSI Instructor. It teaches you about SSI Teaching philosophy and how to apply this to teaching SSI programs. Once you are a certified Divemaster it is so easy to go on and do your Assistant Instructors all you need to do is upgrade by completing the online academics course; Science of diving and to assist instructors on SSI Course such as Open water, advanced adventurer.

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