Pelaj Venom Railgun

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Size: 60cm
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  1. Never miss a shot with the Pelaj Venom Railgun. It features a hydrodynamic body design for optimum manoeuvrability and tracking, so you can move around and aim at your target without any inconvenience. It's corrosion resistant and has hydrodynamics with a yellow-coloured grip for visibility, making the retrieval of your gun easy should you drop it. The Pelaj Sabre Railgun displays great accuracy and performs flawlessly, no need to worry about compensating for high or low shots, it simply shoots where you aim it.

    The Pelaj Venom Railgun is the best entry-level, pro-style railgun in Australasia. Loaded with features that are normally reserved for the advanced railguns, the Sabre represents value for money without compromising quality and features.

    Pelaj Venom Railgun Features:
    • Hydrodynamic body design for optimum maneuverability and tracking
    • Rail barrel
    • Xen handle
    • 16mm Megatex Power band
    • 6.6mm Springbok shaft (twin notch)
    • Closed muzzle
    • Mono shooting line
    • Colour: Green

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