Flag & Weight - Flash Float suit Rob Allen 7-12Ltr

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Rob Allen's Flag and Pole designed to fit Rob Allen's 7L and 12L foam-filled floats features a simple yet highly practical design. The flag is easily fitted to the float by screwing the pole into the float. This means taking the flag out is just as easy and means you can travel compact.
Of course, the main purpose of the flag is to make you more visible to boats and other divers. This means boats keep their distance and reduce their speed when nearby, that other divers will keep their distance and that your dive buddy can keep track of you. A special design feature is the flag's flexible pole which allows it to bend should a float line become tangled on it, allowing it to slide over the flag.

Rob Allen Flag & Pole Features:

  • Compatible with Rob Allen's 7 and 12 L foam-filled floats
  • Improves your visibility in the water keeping you safe
  • Flexible pole to help avoid tangling of float lines
  • User installable - very easy to set up, just screw it in or out

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