Mares Classic NG Boot 5mm

Mares Classic NG Boot 5mm

Dive Newcastle

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The Classic NG boot is made using 5mm thick neoprene, offering the perfect balance between weight, thermal and abrasion protection. Offering a snug and comfortable fit.

The zipper used on this boot is strong anti rust, however they do need to be cleaned properly after every use to get the sea salt and sand out of them. If not cleaned properly, they could seize up.

The 5mm neoprene allows you to be able to wear these boots in winter and have your feet stay relatively warm, yet still be ok to wear in the warmer months. The reason divers wear dive boots is for protection, when there are tanks and weights being carried around before and after the dive, one drop of these could easily brake bones or toes, however if you are wearing a boot, it is less likely to break. (might still hurt a little though so try not to drop things)!!!

The general size of these boots are in men sizes, so for women we take roughly 2 sizes smaller.

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