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Ocean Pro Corasir BCD-  The OceanPro Corsair BCD is a Rear Inflation BC and offers optimal in-water trim and comfort. It is suited for local diving, yet light enough for travel.  “O-Flex” Bladder construction with Bungee allowing for oversize inflation to 40lbs of lift, whilst maintaining a slim profile during diving.

  • Deluxe Comfort Padded Backplate Pad
  • Depth Compensating adjustable position chest strap
  • Depth compensating waist cummerbund and secure waist over-buckle
  • Quick Release Swivel shoulder buckles providing a custom fit for all body types
  • 85kg pull-rating
  • 2 x Shoulder Dump, 1 x Lower Rear dump
  • 2 x 5mm 650kg rated triangular quick links
  • Snap-Lock weight release system
  • 2 x Trim Weight Pockets
  • Tank Height Adjustment strap
  • Ocean Pro high-flow serviceable inflator
  • BC Knife mounting grommets
  • Zippered Drop down accessory pocket
  • 10 x fixed position Stainless D-Ring, 2 x Plastic

Oceanpro Torquay F300 Regulator

The Oceanpro Torquay F300 regulator is sleek and robust in its design and delivers a customisable high-level performance to users not only new to the sport, but also to those who are suitably experienced. Fast becoming the industry go to in the feature rich value for money category, the Torquay F300 has broken new boundaries for the Oceanpro brand and is leaving its European competitors in its wake in regards to performance, popularity and the value proposition.

Exclusive, unique and proprietary to the Oceanpro brand, the Torquay F300 is Australian by name and Australian by nature. In a country where divers are demanding more from their products more often, it was critical that we developed a feature strong regulator combination, more than capable of performing to the needs of virtually all divers in the Australian market.

Key performance features such as its balanced diagram first stage, couple with the dynamic in-use adjustable second stage give divers complete confidence and user adjustable control to suit whatever situation they are faced with underwater.

Why does Dynamic Adjustment make the Torquay so versatile?

Most standard Downstream demand valve regulators are calibrated during manufacturing to a single “middle of the road” operation. Whether finning up a current or merely surface swimming out to the dive site, this factory set may not be optimal for the wide variety of demands we place on our equipment. Turning this on its head is the Dynamic Adjustment feature in the Torquay second stage that enables complete control with a twist of the knob. Set the inhalation requirement near zero when you need ultimate performance, or tune it for greater resistance as conditions or preferences change, the choice is yours!

  • Dynamic Adjustment second stage design, gives you ultimate control of your breathing effort at any depth.
  • Surge deflecting front cover minimising free flow in current
  • Lightweight, flexible braided hose offering supreme comfort
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% out of the box
  • Oversize Yoke fitting all valve configurations
  • Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue.
  • Durable Aluminium front ring design.
  • Balanced Diaphragm first stage offering elite breathing performance in all circumstances
  • 2 High Pressure & 4 Low Pressure ports for custom hose routing
  • Enviro Friendly non plastic packaging and Free Parts for Life

    Oceanpro OP20 Octopus-  Ocean Pro is designed in a High visibility yellow with yellow hose for safety.   Downstream Demand Lever design offering quality performance,
    reliability and simplicity of servicing.

    • Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue.
    • Surge deflecting front cover minimising free flow in current.
    • performance dive after dive

    Ocean Pro SPG Air gauge- The Oceanpro SPG is compact and dependable.  Easy to read with its back lit display giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your diving. Suitable for recreational to Technical divers.  All Ocean Pro SPG Complete Gauges come as standard with a 84 cm / 36" High Pressure rubber hose in black. This gauge is Nitrox compatible to 40% straight out of the box. The gauge is proudly designed in Australia by Ocean Pro.

    •     Maximum pressure reading: 400 BAR
    •     Nitrox compatible to 40% O2 straight out of the box
    •     Shock resistant SPG Bourdon tube mechanism
    •     Integrated one way safety valve
    •     50 BAR Fluorescent caution zone
    •     Back-lit luminescent gauge face absorbs light and glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than other materials
    •     Hose fitting: 7/16" - 24 UNF Thread male fitting with triple chrome plated marine brass fittings
    •     Hose length: 84 cm / 36" High Pressure rubber hose in black
    •     Proudly designed in Australia by Ocean Pro
    •     Includes: Submersible pressure gauge, gauge boot and a 36" HP Hose

      Comes with a Free dive gear bag,Tee shirt,and Reg bag

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