SEAC Screen Computer Console - Bundle


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From the novice to the experienced diver, the SEAC Screen provides complete data and calculations with its easy-to-read display, intuitive alerts and user-friendly menu.

Console including computer Screen and pressure gauge.

    • 100 mt. Water resistant
    • LCD screen
    • OS/windows dive manager
    • CR2450 battery
    • Antishock shield included
    • Adjustable backlight
    • Date
    • USB cable (option)
    • Alarm
    • Pressure gauge included
    • LCD screen with contrast and adjustable backlight intensity.
    • SCUBA MODE: Bühlmann ZHL-16C deco algorithm, with managing for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, or mixes with O2 concentration up to 99%).
    • FREEDIVING MODE: Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth.
    • GAUGE MODE: Depth gauge and stopwatch to manage your dive profiles independently.