Seac 'Guun' 28 Reel Gun


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• Barrel: circular, with 28-mm diam. cross section. Made of extruded 6060 Series Anticorodal aluminum with lower rib. Integrated shaft guide

• Muzzle: open, with seat for two circular slings and line fastening system to lock the shaft

• Butt: ergonomically shaped, made in dual materials and differentiated densities. Ideal for extended use. Waterproof seal in the butt, even under extreme loads, thanks to double O-ring seated on a special independent pivoting internal drum

• Triggering mechanism: in laser-cut stainless steel with antifriction polishing on every component

• Sling: double circular Progressive Power Red D Dyneema with specially formulated blend and coating to ensure greater resistance to abrasion and UV rays. Diameter 16 mm

• Shaft: in 17-4 PH heat-treated stainless steel, Shark type with small laser-welded fins. Diameter 6.5 mm

• Included standard: Guun 30 Reel (size 75/85) or Guun 50 Reel without line (size 95/105).


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