Aquatec T-Rex Knife - Titanium

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A knife that keeps all promises: the Aquatec T-Rex Titanium Knife. Titanium is an extra strong and durable material and great for tools that are frequently exposed to saltwater. The T-Rex is a corrosion free dive knife that will last you for many dives to come.

It has multiple features: a straight edge for cutting and slicing, a serrated edge for sawing through small ropes and a line cutter to cut abandoned fishing lines.

It is a long-lasting, durable dive knife that is both lightweight (0.31 kg) and compact (20 x 4mm). The included sheath has a quick release and lock mechanism.


  • Overall length: 200 mm (7.9”).
  • Blade length: 90 mm (3.5“).
  • Weight: 0.31 kg
  • Included: leg straps and snap lock sheath

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